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We’re a consulting firm that believes in empowering you. We can do it for you, but we’re also passionate to teach you how to do it better. For startups and virtual organisations, our Incubator and Makerspace offers you access to office, ideation, and workshop facilities.

Our specialities: Circuit and product design. Mobile Apps. We also do websites.

More about Our Problem to Product services and Incubator.

Our service menu: Book a meeting, event or coworking time at Accelerando Lab

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our consultants can help you select and source IoT products and services, or build your own,
from Chips to Cloud.
We can design and implement software and hardware, manage projects, and build cloud services to curate your devices.
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Accelerate your development with the power of Continuous Deployment, DevOps and The Cloud.
We can help you implement world-best practices for Product Development, Monitoring and Measurement.

  • Automate your software pipeline for quality at speed
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions for DevOps engineers
  • Docker For Developers workshops
  • Learning By Doing introductions to Linux

Big Data

Discover Business Agility — set your goals, define your metrics, and measure your success.
Unlock the potential of your business by using our data managment and visualisation techniques to derive maximum benefit from your data.

  • Bring together your disparate data to discover synergy
  • Use publish-subscribe messaging to respond to events in real-time
  • Create data dashboards to keep your business goals front-of-mind

About Accelerando

Technology is stuff that doesn’t work yet.

– Bran Ferren (via Douglas Adams)

Our mission is to make technology become invisible, because it Just Works.

  • 1994-2016

    The Internet Revolution

    Accelerando founder Christopher Biggs has been involved in Open Systems since the early 1990s and contributed to the rise of Linux and related technologies. He has worked for global electronics manufacturers, dot-com startups, and e-commerce giants. Before founding Accelerando he led a team of over 60 developers building high-demand internet services and apps.

  • 2016

    The Internet Of Things

    When the Internet of Things rose to public consciousness, Christopher built on his experience as a mentor and speaker to begin focusing on advocating for quality and professionalism in this sector. Accelerando was founded to share his knowledge and experience with start-ups (and grown-ups) navigating the Internet of Things.

  • 2017-2020

    Forward to the Smart Future.

    Christopher draws on his network of passionate technologists and futurists to provide hands-on advice and expertise as we enter the era of Smart Cities and Smart Homes. We provide Training, Mentorship, Architecture, Product Development and Cloud Services. We also source offshore teams and products.

  • Join us in
    the Smart

Meet our team

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

– Arthur C. Clarke

Accelerando’s team of “Sufficiently Advanced Technologists” can help you and your teams build magic products and services.

Christopher Biggs

Christopher Biggs


Lives in Brisbane, Australia
  • Mentor, Speaker, Architect
  • Over 20 years at the forefront of Internet technologies

Christopher has worked as a Developer, System Architect and Engineering Manager. He has long been active in the technical community, and built and managed a diverse, inclusive team of over 60 developers at a leading Brisbane IT company.

In his spare time he builds and blogs robots and adds to the growing Internet of Things.

The Bench

The Bench


  • You Name It

We have a number of freelance specialists on our bench whom we can tap for those Special Jobs

Are you a Sufficiently Advanced Technologist? Join us.

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We’re based in Brisbane, Australia.

We travel the world to learn, teach and trade.