Quite a few people are worried that Apple’s latest product, the iPhone 7, lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack. I’m here to tell you, “Come on in, Wireless audio is fine!”.

As someone who has used Bluetooth wireless headphones for nearly a decade, the death of the analog audio socket on the iPhone doesn’t really bother me. Going wireless a few years back was a massive relief, I’ve probably saved days of my life through not spending 10 minutes each morning untangling headphone cords. Besides, as fast as I can buy new apple headphones, my kids abscond with them. I’m looking forward to my next iPhone upgrade gaining the water resistance and extra battery made possible by the removal of the 3.5mm socket.

I do have an expensive pair of noise-cancelling headphones that I use when I fly, which need a 3.5mm jack. I pretty much only use these headphones when I fly, because after going wireless, the cord-detangling ritual associated with using these phones just annoys me so much. However, I already use these earbuds wirelessly via a bluetooth adapter.

I promise you, once you are no longer tied to your phone you will wonder why you put up with it for so long.

So I have two recommendations for you:

One: Go wireless

Forget about the horrible lightning-to-3.5mm adaptor. Don’t even contemplate the hilariously expensive apple cigarette buds. Get a pair of joined up bluetooth earbuds like these or these and enjoy tangle-free life.

Two: If you can’t go wireless, go wireless (puck)

If you have a pair of wired headphones you like to wear for all-day use (or for sending that Go Away I Do Not Want To Talk To You signal), forget about that $40 dongle that’s needed to use headphones while charging your phone, get this bluetooth receiver that can be powered by USB or battery. I have one in my car and one at my desk. Most of these receivers have an internal battery, so you can put them in your pocket or clip to your lapel to convert your wired phones to walk-around wireless. For a long time I’ve used a bluetooth handsfree converter that bears a striking resemblance to an iPod shuffle; it clips to my lapel and contains a microphone, which converts any pair of earbuds into a stereo headset. The exact model is no longer on sale but this is similar.

Bonus point: get some bluetooth room speakers, too

As well as headphones, I have used a FX-1602 bluetooth amplifier/receiver in my office for years. Combined with a pair of studio monitor speakers, at 160W it rocks the house.

Summary: Trust me you won’t miss being tied to your phone

Trust me, once you sever the wire between your phone and your ears, you will wonder what took you so long!

(This article first appeared on Medium.)