This morning (25 March, 2021) I was at Reekoh IOT’s Industry 4.0 breakfast “Digital Transformation: A Leadership Perspective”. The TL;DR from this event is is: don’t wait for government; as business leaders you should ask “what is the missing piece?”. Embrace risk to discover opportunity. As someone who mostly, at Accelerando Consulting, helps smaller businesses create innovative solutions, I agree that big business could learn a thing or to from the small fish about Making Shit Happen.

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Privacy by Profession

Privacy by Profession To mangle the old bon mot: “Every problem has a solution that is Obvious, Simple and an Utter Privacy Disaster“ Today (Mid-March, 2021) in Australia, the internet is abuzz with pointing-and-laughing at a police official who mused that creating a smartphone application to record sexual consent is a laudable solution to recent public concern around Rape Culture and in particular several very high-profile sexual assault allegations. Of course, this is a terrible idea.

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Workshops at Accelerando Accelerando Consulting is a working Tech Prototyping Lab - at any one time we might be building mobile apps, 3D printing prototypes, taking glamour shots of your robot, or just evaluating whether widget A is better than gadget B. If you imagine “Mythbusters” but with fewer explosions (most days) you are not far from the mark. Accelerando founder Christopher Biggs is also the host of the Brisbane Internet of Things Interest group, and the Accelerando “Nerd Lab” is the venue for our monthly “Sunday (mad) Science” workshops.

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IocTober Day 30

Sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology. We fuse the Potterverse with modern Muggle lifestyle to produce a fridge magnet that details the current location of each member of your family (or team).

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IocTober Day 29

Arguments over the environmental controls are timeless (“Mum, this cave is too cold, I need a thicker bearskin!“). Settle the disagreements democratically with these HVAC satisfaction survey buttons.

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