Workshops at Accelerando

Accelerando Consulting is a working Tech Prototyping Lab - at any one time we might be building mobile apps, 3D printing prototypes, taking glamour shots of your robot, or just evaluating whether widget A is better than gadget B.

If you imagine “Mythbusters” but with fewer explosions (most days) you are not far from the mark.

Accelerando founder Christopher Biggs is also the host of the Brisbane Internet of Things Interest group, and the Accelerando “Nerd Lab” is the venue for our monthly “Sunday (mad) Science” workshops. If you need space and tools for your project, are curious about a technology, or have an idea the to make the world a better (and/or weirder) place, these events are for you.

At Accelerando we believe consultants are to teach, not leech. We are not interested in extracting endless money from your business by doing the same things for you over and over. We want to empower you to build a better product, a better team, a better business, a better world.

Our facilities are available to you or your whole team for a day or a month to work with our experts to develop your idea, test your hypotheses — to destruction if necessary — and build a better product.

Consider a half or full-day workshop to get your team up to speed on IoT, DevOps and many other subjects. Paintball (and bruises) not your idea of a fun team building event? Build a robot or a 3D printer instead!