IocTober Day 1 - The Internet Kettle

My family and I are Not Morning People. The very first thing that happens after arising is coffee (or Tea, if you are Mx 18).

What can we do to reduce the time and zombie-shuffling involved in waiting for the kettle to boil? Thingify it, of course!

Our kettle has a convenient toggle to turn it on, so all we need is an IoT actuator, and… a finger.

Fortunately, I have the services of Miss Eleven today as Trainee Mad Scientist.

Unfortunately, the quick set silicone that I had in stock was “relatively” quick set, and looked to be on track to take eight hours to cure before Miss Eleven could have her hand back.

So, plan B, we find a finger model online, shorten it a bit using Autodesk Meshmixer, and then 3D print the altered mesh.

Now to make it waggle.

For your all your waggling needs, the Servo Motor is what you want. These motors are highly geared, and can accurately turn through 180 degrees. Various types of “horns” can be affixed to shaft, to which one then screws an actuator (in this case, our severed finger).

We used an ESP32 microcontroller to run two servos (and to let us trigger them over the Internet, when we want tea or coffee).

So, let us know what earth shattering problems YOU need solved this iOcTober.