IocTober Day 26 - Sad Roomboid reborn as taco truck

We’re creating an IoT solution for every day of “IocTober”.

This time we are repurposing a cleaning robot for snack delivery.

The robot cleaning appliance genre started by the iRobot Roomba has inspired a number of very terrible low-cost imitators, some of which are entirely unfit for purpose. The cheapest of them suck so much they do not even suck—a product advertised as a “vacuum cleaner” that is no such thing, being merely a motorised sponge.

But, they’re cheaper than most robot chassis kits, so lets gut one and rebirth it as a delivery robot. Use it for inter office mail, or communicating with your rarely-seen-outside-their-room teenagers (parents know: the struggle is real).

Or…. (thanks to my friend Jay for inadvertent inspiration), create the world’s smallest functioning Taco Truck!

We will need:

  • One floor-cleaning robot (soon to be repurposed to a Higher Calling)
  • One Raspberry Pi with motor control hat
  • One complete lack of qualms about lobotomizing blameless machinery
  • One 3D-printed taco holder (can also hold mail for the taco-impoverished)
  • One fit of evil laughther