IocTober Day 28 - Package tracking and monitoring

We’re creating an IoT solution for every day of “IocTober”.

IoT democratises technology. You hand a delicate package over a to a courier. They might know where their trucks are at all time, but the most you know is “somewhere between Brisbane and Melbourne”. Has your precious item been brutalised? Let’s find out.

We’ll take a low-power high-penetration narrow-band-IoT cellular (NBIoT) module, a battery (Lithium, or safer NiMH if going by air) and slip the whole lot into a prepaid satchel. Then we include this satchel in our shipment (the receiver can return the tracker in the satchel).

Our module knows its location, temperature and shock loading, and by virtue of its low power cellular radio, relays its vital statistics to you in real time.

The hardware is under $50, the nbIoT cellular communications SIM costs a few dollars a month, and the peace of mind is invaluable.