What if you went to the letterbox one day, to find a tiny green frog inside.

Hello!” calls the frog, staring up at you from the bottom of the letterbox. “I am trapped down here because I am too small to jump out. I’m magical you know, and I’ll grant you a wish if you help me climb out. Just hold out that junk mail you were going to throw out anyway, please, and I’ll climb on

Thank you”, says the frog, now perched on the tip of Ray Brown Real Estate’s latest flyer. “I hate it when that happens. Now, I promised a wish. But I am only a small frog, and not as poweful as some. I cannot make you obscenely rich, or grant your heart’s desire, but I can relieve you of your greatest annoyance…

What would you choose?

When I tell people that my business specialises in the Internet of Things, People often ask me “Just what is IoT for?“. Well, it’s that frog. Technology is for making our lives better, for relieving drudgery and stress. IoT is for solving a whole flotilla of problems that we’ve put up with for so long that we don’t even realise they are problems.

Of course, it helps to to know what’s possible.

At Accelerando we’re in the business of Evangelising the Possible. If you have a problem, or if you don’t have a particular problem but do suspect that there just might be a better way to do more, or waste less, then our IoT Opportunity Audit is for you.

In order to solve your problems we want to know as much about it as possible. So we ask. And then we ask why. We, turn the problem around and look from the other side. Jiggle the cable and hold it up to the light. Until it gives up its secrets.

Now we know a thing or two about the Problem, we can look at the Players. Who else has this problem, what did they try? What worked, what failed? Is there something out there that will work for you?

When we’ve asked enough questions, we’ll go away and poke into some dark corners, maybe try a few things, then come back with a Proposal. Sometimes we find that the perfect solution already exists. Other times we have to invent it. That’s fine, we work fast.

Our Proposal is what you get for your audit fee, but whether the proposal involves off-the-shelf devices or a bespoke creation, we’ll give you a price for a PoC, a “Proof-of-Concept”. When building a Proof Of Concept we optimise for agility and efficiency over perfection. It might look a little clunky, but you can try it out sooner rather than later, and we both gain important validation on how well our proposed solution it works for you.

Not every idea works first time, and our process lets us try something different with minimal waste. We don’t like to build a thousand frog-escalators then belatedly discover that frogs prefer ropes.

From our “works-like” Proof-of-Concept the next stage is a “looks-like” professional Prototype, but more about that another time…

Image credit: Mark Mrwizard, CC-BY-2.0