IocTober Day 11 - Mini camera

Did I just hear a truck back up in the loading dock? Is there somebody waiting at reception? How long until the washing machine is finished? Just what ARE those kids getting up to in the back yard? Is the new kitten scratching at the door? Is there a creep lurking outside my apartment?

How often do you want to keep an eye on something outside of your visual range?

The promise of IoT is all about extending your senses, and developing superpowers.

Here’s a camera, motion sensor and screen combination that you can affix to the wall with magnets or suckers and have it keep an eye on things for you.

It’s battery powered, and WiFi enabled. Have it text or slack you an image when it sees motion, or even if it sees a face (great for delivery doorbells or reception minding).

Accelerando Squintern Jack suggested we 3D-print the enclosure using glow-in-the-dark plastic. I’m not sure a glow in the dark security camera makes sense, but hey, IT GLOWS.