IocTober Day 10 - Lovers’ secret message buttons

“HoneyBunny, can you bring home some milk?”

“I miss you Pumpkin, I can’t wait to [CENSORED]”

Working couples often like to send each other subtle messages during the day. Personally I keep my phone on silent during most of the work day and check my text messages at idle times, sometimes never. This can lead to missed connections.

This little gadget sits on your desk and does nothing other than unobtrusively show pushbuttons with coloured lights.

But there are two of them. The other is on your partner’s desk. Push a button, and the corresponding light illuminates on the other device.

What does that mean? Whatever you want. Blue for “Don’t forget the Milk”, yellow for “I’ll be late home”, Red for “meet you in the supplies room in 5 minutes”* 😉.

* if you get fired, this is not on me, ok?