IocTober Day 9 - Network intrusion detector

Many people worry that their IoT devices will be a security risk, particularly cameras. This is a real concern, because many devices are awful. We spend a lot of time at Accelerando evaluating devices and rejecting the awful ones, but even the ones we approve have been subject to “zero day” flaws.

We recommend that you don’t keep your IoT devices on the same network as your important data, and we also recommend use of intrusion detection.

Here is a simple “honey pot” alarm. If somebody compromises one of your IoT devices (say a camera, or a thermostat) the next thing they do is scan the network looking for more targets. This device does nothing …except wait to be scanned. Since it does nothing, it knows that if anything DOES try to connect to it, this is unusual.

When the device is scanned, it lights up red, and sends an alert.

Simple, effective. Also makes a handy lamp.