IocTober Day 8 - Tea Timer and Reminder

Those of us who like tea (particularly my university-student son, Jack) know the frustration of filling the teapot and then forgetting to come back, or pouring a tea, returning to concentration and then finding it cold and hour later.

So what can we do here?

How about a battery powered sensor that sits atop a teacup or teapot and chirps gently when it reaches drinking temperature? If you don’t pick up the cup for a while, it reminds you to take another sip.

Take it off the cup and put it down, and it shuts off automatically, thanks to an internal accelerometer.

We created a 3D model that is customisable to suit the thickness/depth of your teacup or pot.

(Safety guard removed for clarity. The circuit board absolutely did not fall out into the tea immediately after this photo.)