IocTober Day 15 - 12v LED strip lighting

We’re creating an IoT solution for every day of “IocTober”.

Our project from IocTober Day 5 involved controlling LED lighting strips that are designed to run from a USB power source (5 volts). These strips are good for task lighting and night lights, but not for room lighting.

The strips used for room lighting need to be more powerful, and typically run at 12 volts, (sometimes 24 or 48v).

This design combines a voltage regulator that produces 5 volts to power a WiFi microcontroller, plus a mosfet switch to illuminate a 12V LED strip (can be used for 24V also, but do not exceed 24V).

In our lab, these strip lights illuminate our workbenches, and our kitchen. At home, my children’s bedrooms have strip lighting fitted to the cornices, allowing them to control and dim their room lights from their beds.