IocTober Day 23 - Haystack hygrometer

We’re creating an IoT solution for every day of “IocTober”.

Haystack fires are a real risk in agriculture, as improper humidity control when storing feed can result in both growth of mold, and composting, which releases enough heat to sometimes lead to fires.

When storing hay and grains measuring moisture content is key to ensuring that safe and healthy conditions are maintained.

Commercial haystack probes are expensive ($500+) and have limited reach.

We designed the “data shovel” to be a long-reach probe which can be pushed deep into bale, silo or haystack to measure moisture levels and heat. Ideally you will discover any bales that are too damp before stacking them, but if not, the data shovel can save you a costly and dangerous loss of feed due to mold (or worse, fire!).