IocTober Day 24 - service alert

We’re creating an IoT solution for every day of “IocTober”.

We all have the best intentions to keep our equipment (vehicles, tools, machinery, and appliances) maintained, but really, our squishy meat brains are not great at remembering to service the ute every 10000km, clean the pool filter after each 1000 hours runtime, or replace the air conditioning filters every six months.

So let’s give our carbon-soup brains a break, and get silicon on the job.

What do we need to put together to remind us to maintain our valuable equipment appropriately?

Sensors: fit an on-board diagnostic transponder to our vehicles. Fit a run time monitor to our pumps and fans.

Memory: create an equipment register that understands servicing requirements for each piece of equipment (distance, runtime, calendar time).

Prompts: these battery powered bluetooth modules do just one thing, they remind you to do everything else. Put one on the dashboard of your vehicle, the control panel of your pool pump or aircon.